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Specialty Pharmacy

A better pharmacy for a better YOU

Medicine is ever changing. Every day there are new obstacles you as a patient or healthcare provider must overcome. At Infinity Care Solutions, we believe it is our job to help you navigate the changes and prepare for the future. Utilizing the most cutting edge technology, our staff helps with medication management, prior authorizations, timely refill management, and distribution. Our goal is for our patients to feel like they have the support and encouragement they need to live life to the fullest.

No two patients’ needs are the same. Whether you are struggling with obtaining insurance coverage for your medication, or simply remembering the proper way to take it, Infinity Care Solutions is here to help. Our Pharmacists and Patient Care Coordinators are on standby to help you at any time. Our desire is to help, and our focus is on you!

Our professional team is available 24-7 to answer questions and make sure the medicine and information you need is readily available. We work diligently with insurance companies, case managers, hospitals and networked pharmacies to deliver to you the most cost-effective, timely medicine in the industry, delivered right to your door if necessary.

We are licensed in 50 states, and hold many accreditations that prove our commitment to excellence. We use state-of-the-art technology to track and monitor your progress, allowing for increased and improved adherence, as well as simplicity in getting you your medications when you need them. Customer service is at the heart of all we do; we strive to meet your every need.

Medication Therapy Management

Using a combination of traditional and proprietary software, our technology allows us to monitor and troubleshoot compliance, side effects, drug to drug interactions and all aspects related to patient well being.

Infinity is a URAC accredited Specialty Pharmacy. URAC, an independent, not for profit organization, is a well-known leader in promoting healthcare quality through its accreditation, education, and measurement programs. Infinity is proud to be recognized as a URAC Specialty Pharmacy, and continue to grow through the ever-changing healthcare system.

Personalized Patient Experience

At Infinity we aim to build long-lasting relationships with patients. We manage the prior authorizations, communications with doctors, financial assistance, and insurance requirements to serve both the Healthcare provider and the patient. We work to get you your medicine in a quick and cost-effective manner.